Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bacon Isn't Dead, and Neither Is This Blog...

Then tell me why it has been so long since there was a blog post?  I'll get back to that, but first a funny story to share about Bacon going MIA yesterday. 

I got a call from Matt around 4:30 yesterday as little boys were waking from naps.  Bacon loves to eat and he always enthusiastically shows up, but when Jim called him, he didn't show.  With an unsettling feeling that we were going to find a dead pig, Matt left work early, but needed me to bring clothes for him since he only had nice work clothes.   We were all a little concerned since 11 months ago we lost our first boar, Crybaby, and Bacon was his replacement.  It would be awful to lose two young boars less than a year apart and you can't breed sows without a boar.  Thankfully, just before I was leaving we got a call back.  Karen, Matt's mom, had gone down to the barn to see what was going on and there was Bacon, standing in with little pigs, pushing them out of the way to eat their food.  Jim had fed them first before he had gone on to feed the breeding stock.  

Little pigs eating.
So how did this pig get out, you ask? Well... that would be a farmer error as it turns out.  When they moved pigs last weekend they left a small gap in the fence and he just walked right out.  (and by small gap, I mean 10 feet) Always lessons to learn on the farm.
The un-fenced spot. I can see why it was easily overlooked.

A quick fix until it could be properly patched today.

Okay, so I'm sure you're wondering why it's been almost 4 months since I had a blog post.  I had several drafts started along the way, and plenty of ideas, but life got crazy.  For starters, I had a bad case of pneumonia back in July that lasted several weeks.  Shortly thereafter, my 95 year old grandfather passed away and there were lots of family things going on in conjunction.   In mid-August, we also committed to starting some homeschooling with our oldest, Will.  It has been so worth the time commitment for this enthusiastic little learner that begs to do school at home, but the time I spend prepping and schooling has cut into the time I used to spend doing farm-related paperwork and blogging.

The boys had fun at the State Fair.  Our tractors aren't that big.
Much has happened since our last post in early July.  I hope to bring you up to speed over my next few posts. Of the remarkable news, our family received the Indiana Homestead award for the hundredth anniversary of the farm in the same family.  
New sign on the farm.
Also, early October marked the second anniversary of Fork Right Farm in operation.  Lastly, and probably most exciting news that contributes to my lack of posting is the fact that we are going to need another set of mud boots on the farm next year.

We're adding another pair of mud boots to the family!
Happy Halloween from Fork Right Farm! 


  1. Congrats on the new baby!! Glad Bacon was safe and sound, just doing what he loves... eating!! :) Thanks for the update. We bought 2 piglets (well 7 of them but only 2 were ours) from you in July (I think). Chris P. Bacon and Petunia Porkchop are growing well. Chris is mean to his sister and me, so I won't mind when he goes to market in December!!