Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fun On The Farm Through Little Eyes

The farm is such a wonderful place for kids to create lifetime memories.  When I think back to my childhood, I remember climbing in the hay or walking on the feed corn still on the cob in the corn crib, and lots of time spent playing in the creek.  

For Matt, it is memories of checking the fence with Pap or fishing at the pond with Grandma.  I feel so blessed that our boys are already getting to make those memories, not just at one farm, but on three different farms if you include the one we live on, the one my mom lives on, and the one where Matt's parents live and he grew up.

It has been fun for me taking pictures of them this summer doing all of those things Matt and I remember doing and also some new things.  (I know I was never allowed to knock the flower petals off and throw them up in the air like it was raining, but Grandma Karen made it rain flower petals for our boys.)

Or this photo where the walked round and round and round again on the tire with the pole sticking up.  These were a perfect volleyball net pole or tether ball pole, but also very fun to walk on and wobble.

I think the best memories of all are the endless walks and nature hikes just seeing what our beautiful world has to offer.  We are fortunate to share this farm journey with the boys and show them a different side of farm life where pigs eat grass, run in paddocks, and build mud holes the size of a Volkswagen.

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