Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Farmer You Know

Have you ever sat down to dinner and thought about where you food came from?  I'm not talking about the grocery store you may have gone to.  How did that chicken breast, pork chop or egg end up on your plate?  Who gathered the eggs or gave water to the pigs?  Who harvested the vegetables or planted the seeds?  Was it a big garden or a little one?  When having a conversation with your 3 year old, these are very important questions.

Chicken and eggs, from a farmer we know!
Now what if you had the opportunity to take that a step further.  Wouldn't the lesson be more memorable if following dinner you could pick up the phone and call your farmer to thank them for raising the chicken you had for dinner, just to tell them it was delicious and you appreciated their work so you could have a nice meal?  This is exactly what we did Sunday evening.

We had chickens for a while but their free range status didn't mesh well with local predators, so we are buying our eggs and chicken elsewhere.   We believe in knowing your food and knowing your farmer.  Fortunate for us we could buy eggs and some whole chickens from my cousin.  Following dinner on Sunday, we called them up just to tell them the chicken they raised was delicious and thank them for raising it.  We certainly could not have done that had we been eating chicken from the supermarket that day.

If you have one of our business cards, the back tells why you should buy our pork, but that isn't the point of my post.  Sure, I hope you will want to buy our pork, but I really want to inspire you to buy local and know who your farmer is.  Be able to ask what exactly they fed the animals you are eating or tell you how they care for and treat those animals.  Your packaged meat from the supermarket may tell you it is organic or pasture raised or antibiotic free but knowing your farmer allows you to ask those questions and provides far more transparency than any marketing term or sticker on a package.

And if you are in the same season of life as we are with young children, you too can give them the memorable experience of understanding where their food comes from by thanking the farmer you know for the food on you plate.

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