Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May is for Mamas

New life has graced the farm again in the season of tulips and lilacs.  Curly opted to have her litter outside under the shelter on the side of the barn on Monday.  These little guys are only 12 hours old in this photo, but proved to be quite active.

12 hours old
2 days old and already rooting in the dirt
Molly is also due about this time but she is still looking larger than ever and miserable.  It reminds me of how I felt or looked two years ago on Memorial weekend when Keegan came two weeks after my due date.  We are thinking she might go tonight.

After my visit to the mamas that evening, I made my way around to check out the other pigs and gave proper ear scratching to those who wanted to visit me.  Porkchop and Milkshake, a young boar and gilt, were happy to receive the attention and "scritchin" behind their ears and on their backs.

The other breeding stock looked like they were settling in for the night, slowly laying down, one by one around the paddock.  A few of the other sows that are expecting at a later date could be seen carefully kneeing down on their front legs and then slowly collapsing their rear legs.

We went back again tonight to check on everyone during feeding.  I especially liked this picture of the little boys climbing the fence to see the babies.

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