Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Confused By Names

For all of the effort we put into naming our breeding stock, it seems that my father-in-law had his own plans.   The names he comes up with make sense in his head, are used in stories when he tells us about the pigs and then we must translate.  For example, the boar was young and whiny so he would call him “Crybaby.”  (This name truly is fitting.)  Then there are the two sows who are referred to as “Madonna” and “Margaret.”  I don’t know why, and neither did he when I asked.  The gilt, now sow, is called “Missy”.  Rhea, Thea, and Phoebe just haven’t stuck as everyday names.  I find myself translating names when he is telling a story about them.  Last week when I was working on our taxes and naming them in the depreciation schedule I literally had a key for the two sows matching everyday name to formal name to ear mark number.  For example, Madonna is Phoebe is 15-10.  I guess I’ll just need to start using their common names for simplicity.   At least we can use our Mythology naming structure in their registration papers. 

L-R: Crybaby, Madonna and Margaret (a.k.a Cronus, Phoebe, and Thea)

Fork Right Farm is now officially a part of the National Swine Registry.  As a result we have our own herdmark and breeder number in the United Duroc Swine Registry.  Slowly, things are falling into place and our tines are leaving their mark in the pig world. 

As for a piglet update, everyone is doing well and it is just about time to wean the youngest group, referred to as the peewees.  Bet you can’t figure out where that name came from.  And for future reference, the larger group are called the juniors.  It works.  Here are some photos.


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