Saturday, January 4, 2014

Over Bacon

More than once this week I have declared that I am over Bacon.  No, not the tasty fried strips of pork, but the squealy little pig we are fostering.  He is bossy, impatient and has quite the attitude.  (Okay, typing that I realize this could apply to children, teenagers, spouses, etc.)  I have a big heart for animals, but I don’t think I’ll feel too bad when he meets the freezer next summer.  Some animals have kind, compassionate eyes, and then we have this little pig that chews on my pants legs and squeals non-stop making my children cranky and upset.  I can’t wait for the new litter of piglets to get large enough for us to mix him in with them when they wean.  If it wasn’t so cold, his butt would be outside without a doubt.  He is quickly outgrowing his cute.  Tonight when I was feeding him, he flipped his entire bowl of milk on me.  Some people take dog-shamming photos.  I think I need to get some pig-shamming photos.

Here is another video.  Consider it proof of how wound up he gets.

Here is the version that isn't rotated if you have trouble viewing the rotated one.

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