Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lucky 7

We got the call about 3:30 today that Mama sow #2 was birthing piglets, so after dinner tonight, Matt checked on them.  7 babies, all appear to look healthy.  The weather was good today, not real cold like it had been, which made it much easier on the sow and piglets.  As we have said before, farrowing in the winter isn’t ideal.  Fork Right Farm had a rough start with our first litter of pigs where only 1 survived and the sow is lame, so I hope 7 is a sign of a change in our luck.  

Tomorrow we can take some more pictures, but we didn’t want to disturb them too much tonight.

In other news, Bacon continues to do well.  He loves to run around our shop while I am changing his bedding or mixing his formula.  The floor is kind of slick, so as he runs circles around the table in the middle, his feet skid out and he goes sliding.  He also enjoys playing with the toys that our 2 year old has out there.  He’ll push the toy truck with his snout and walks on the toy that makes farm noises when you push the animal.  When I went out tonight I took the camera for some video of him playing with the truck.


Continue to follow our blog and Facebook page for updates on Bacon and the new litter of piglets!  We’ll keep the pictures coming.  If you missed our Christmas Facebook post, here is our boar showing his Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays!

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