Sunday, November 17, 2013

In the beginning there was only chaos…

Okay, not quite yet.  Chaos will arrive with our first litter of piglets.  For those who know their Greek Mythology, out of chaos the Earth was born and the Earth bore the Heavens who together bore the 12 Titans and some other children (trying to be as brief as possible here, so I’m not doing it justice nor am I precise in naming.)  The Titans ruled before the Olympians we all know, such as Zeus.  Cronus was the ruler of the Titans and father of Zeus, and mate to Rhea.  Meet Cronus and Rhea (our boar and the gilt that are currently bred together.) 
Cronus and Rhea (left and right)
Keeping in spirit of our naming theme we also have named the two sows Thea and Phoebe, other female Titans.  Thea was sight and Phoebe was intellect, so the sow with ears that hang in her eyes and can't see as well is Phoebe, and the one that sees better is Thea.  
Phoebe and Thea

If you want a quick one page summary of this creation, try this website.
There are many others if you Google Greek mythology creation.

Thank you to everyone who suggested names for our piggies.  There were some great suggestions as mentioned in our previous blog post. The Greek Mythology theme presents endless possibilities as we start our herd and name the foundation of our herd.

On the business side of the operation, I’m excited to report that we now have business cards.  1000 of them!  Help us build our professional presence and tell your friends about Fork Right Farm, share our posts on Facebook, sign up for our email list, or ask us for a few extra business cards if you see us to pass along to people you know.

Stay tuned for more piglet updates!

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