Sunday, November 24, 2013

Relating Farm Life To The Comics

Farm life isn’t always exciting.  We don’t ride pigs every week and some weeks we just wait, and wait.  Last week (Sunday, November 17, 2013) there was a comic strip that caught my attention.  
Before I had children, I would read every comic, but these days I only have time to read a select few.  Pearls Before Swine is not one of them, but on this particular occasion, it had three rows instead of the usual two, so I skimmed it.  Little did I know, I would be able to relate it to Fork Right Farm life in a couple ways.  Rat is sitting at the computer refreshing his screen to check the sales rank of his newly published book on Amazon.  Where is this going?  A few short weeks back when we first published our Facebook page and our blog, the metrics were enticing, almost tantalizing, we kept looking to see how many likes we got or how many page views we had.  Now, while we expect our first litter, we keep looking at Thea daily, the 2.5 year old sow, to see if she looks any closer to having piglets.  Signs we watch for are her milk coming in obviously where her teats bag up or that she begins to build a nest.  Yes, pigs build nests specifically for birthing.  This usually happens in the 24 hours before birth. 

Still no piglets, but that doesn’t mean we are absent of small things to get excited about.  Last week we mentioned that our business cards arrived.  This week our hooded sweatshirts arrived.  

We also had our first inquiry from our postings on sites like  We might not be ready to sell product yet, but this felt like a super big win for us.

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