Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky chickens

Today is a true Fork Right Farm Life story.

It's a rainy, dreary Halloween day and the light filtering into the garage is low.   I can see enough to not trip, but don't see everything well.  I step out of my office to cross the garage and go in the house for a snack, and something moves toward me.  I startle!  What kind of monster is lurking in the shadows and wants to get me?  There is a small figure with feathers sticking out every which way that scuttles to the side with a "brrrrr, bok, bok" telling me "hey, watch out and let me out of here."  No deranged raccoon or giant spider or even a mouse out to get me.  Just a spooky chicken on a dreary Halloween day.

This hen is molting right now, so that explains her unkempt appearance, but I didn't know she had snuck into the garage.  What was strange is I had crossed through a few times already and didn't hear or see any chickens.  She must have come in after I returned from daycare drop off.  We have some free range chickens that like to race into our garage the moment the door goes up.  This is most annoying when you are leaving in a hurry and a chicken runs across the threshold and breaks the beam causing the door to go back up, thus making you put the car in park, chase a chicken from the garage, put the door down AGAIN, wait for it to go down without chicken interference, and resume leaving in a hurry.

Welcome to Fork Right Farm Life!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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