Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here piggy piggy...

That is what we are going to be calling our pigs if we don’t get some help from you with naming them.  I’m guessing you need a little incentive.  (keep reading if this is the case---wait, keep reading anyway, I want you to read about Fork Right Farm Life!) 

As I mentioned in my last post, their current names are just numbers, which makes no sense unless you understand the code for the litter they came from and their number within the litter. Currently they are referred to as 10-1 our boar, 4-12 the gilt, 12-11 the 3.5 year old sow and 15-10 the 2.5 year old sow.  We need some theme names! For example, we could call the boar Charming (as in Prince Charming), the gilt Cinderella, and the two sows Anastasia and Drizella (the step sisters).  What ideas do you have? 

As much as I would love to promise you something like a package of bacon, we won’t be selling individual cuts of meat, only whole and half hogs, so we will give a Fork Right Farm Hooded Sweatshirt instead.  That’s right, post your themed pig name ideas on the blog comments, on the Facebook comments, or email them to If we choose your theme of names, we’ll give you a Fork Right Farm Hooded Sweatshirt!  Everyone could use a hoodie now that the nights are getting cold (and sometimes the days too!)  I’ll give you a week to think up some good names.

Here is another photo identifying each of the pigs, in case you need to see it to name it. 

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