Friday, September 26, 2014

Digging Potatoes With Little Boys

What do you do on your Friday nights?  On one of mine, I got to watch my little boys get dirty digging potatoes with their daddy, poppa, aunts, uncle and cousin.  They were so excited.  Imagine being a little boy...

“Yay, we're at poppa’s house!  Daddy told me we get to dig po-tay-toes.  We are out by the garden and Aunt Amy is on the big tractor.  Mommy told me where I have to sit so I’m safe when the tractor drives past. Poppa walks behind the tractor with this thing they call a plow.  It rips open the ground.”

 “When the tractor is stopped and Aunt Amy climbs down, we are allowed to leave the spot we were told to sit and can run to the long row of fresh dirt.  This is where we hunt for buried treasures (potatoes).  My brother, cousin, and I pick them up and drop them in a bucket.  The adults point to more for us to pick up and we carry the filled buckets to the wagon and dump them.”

“When it is time to dig a new row, we go back to the place where we were told to sit before and the tractor goes through again, digging up more treasure.”

“At the end of the night, we got to ride to the barn on the wagon full of potatoes.  It was so fun!” 

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