Sunday, February 2, 2014


So…if you will recall a few posts back, I mentioned I needed to get some pig-shaming photos.  Ask and you shall receive.  I came home Friday night to the perfect opportunity.  Bacon is in a borrowed dog crate currently.  We have it parked on some plastic, but there is no bottom to the cage except for a tray that I line with newspaper and hay.  You have to put something heavy on top of the cage to hold it down.  I’ve been using the bin of feed, but the bag was getting low and didn’t weigh very much.  I had a new bag of feed, but hadn’t gotten around to switching it yet.  I walked in to this… 

Apparently he was so impatient he began to work the cage toward the feed bag, chewed up the plastic under the crate and made a mess.  I managed to think of the pig-shaming and grabbed a notepad and marker for a quick sign.  It took 6 or 8 tries before I got a photo where the note pad was still upright. He kept rooting and knocking it over.  I had to hold my foot against the cage or he would have kept walking it.  I guess I’ll have to create a Facebook photo album for pig-shaming photos.

extent of the mess

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