Friday, February 28, 2014

Bacon gets evicted

Silence.  No pig noises in the background while on my conference calls for work.  No squealing as I walk across the garage.  No late night cage changing when I’m already exhausted from managing my two small children all day.  No pig-shaming.  Yes, that is right, Bacon was evicted from the shop and has gone to live with his cousins.

It was so cold, Matt had to put the cage in the cab of the truck when he drove him back to his parents’ house where the pigs are all currently living.  Of course they hadn’t even left the garage and Bacon left a present for Matt in the cage.  Despite its removal before they hit the road, they were less than 5 minutes into their drive and Bacon backed his butt up to the cage wall near Matt and delivered 2 more small presents right into the crack of the driver seat and console.  I was laughing when I got that angry call.

Surprisingly, Bacon was much smaller than his cousins who were 3 weeks younger than him.  I guess that just goes to show how good mama’s milk really is!  A week has passed and he is fully settled in and accepted.  His annoying habits have even rubbed off on another piglet; they both stand at your feet and squeal to be fed.

I don’t see myself bringing home more piglets any time soon.  Perhaps we can reevaluate that when our children are older and they can take care of them.

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