Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Is In The Air

Finally, Spring has arrived, although you might not have known it with the dusting of snow we got last week.  Farm news is beginning to get more interesting again as we prepare for the growing season and new life.

Over the weekend the boys and I joined Matt for some tree planting.  Apple trees this time, the Antonovka variety, which is very disease, pest, and drought resistant.  They are considered full size, rather than the dwarf or semi-dwarf variety, and can live 100 years.  While we may not see their full maturity in our lifetime, this is an investment for our children.

The boys had a blast helping as we planted a few trees on each of the family farms we are related to.  They were especially intrigued when we dipped water from the pond for watering the trees and in the buckets we found snails, a minnow, and frog eggs.

Afterward, it was time to feed the pigs; which is always entertaining.  First we got in with the little pigs, but they weren't too interested in us.

The squealers and fat butts, both very descriptive of the groups, were next.

Then we took some corn to the breeding stock.

Molly and Curly are due to farrow in the next month.  I figured we might as well get a picture of all the mommas that will soon bring new life to the farm.
Three mommas due in the next month!

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