Monday, September 1, 2014

The Pig Days of Summer

We have all heard of the dog days of summer, that sultry part of the season marked by the rising and setting of Sirius, the Dog star.  At Fork Right Farm, we can call them the pig days of summer where we watch the fat butts lay in the mud, trying to beat the heat.  Even the newest litter loves the mud.  Not enough mud? Then lay in your water bucket to cool off (yes, one group does this).  We have 5 different groups of pigs and it is funny to see how each works the ground to make their particular mud hole home.

The youngest litter is about 4 weeks old now.  By the end of September, this group will wean.

The next group will be 3 months old.  Some of them were sold as feeders.  The remaining three, whom we call “the girls” will be kept for our family’s freezers later this winter.  These adolescents are a really fun size where they are curious and like attention but aren’t too big yet where we can take the little boys in with them.

The group after that have been referred to as the peewees.   These piggies really love their mud and it is amazing to watch how their mud hole has grown through the summer.  This is the next batch slated for freezer camp which is just a few weeks away.  If you would like to purchase a half or whole, let us know a.s.a.p. 

These three pictures are the same mud hole at
early summer,  mid summer, and recently before we
cut the side of the hole with the tractor to avoid broken legs.
Next are the young breeding stock who will be our next group to help grow the herd.  This features Bacon, the boar pig we rescued from our first litter, and two mild tempered gilts.

Lastly are the original breeding stock comprised of Crybaby and his three sows.  With any luck, our next litters of piglets will arrive in December.

Hosing down the piggies on a hot day

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