Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th piglets born!

Don't worry, they don't look zombies or anything.  Our fourth litter was born last night in the wee hours. Nothing like Friday the 13th babies, huh? (Horror film names perhaps? LOL.)

We officially have pigs representing 4 different litters right now!  In addition to our latest litter, we have Bacon, whom you will recall from our previous posts as the last pig standing from our very first litter that lived in our shop for a few months. 

Then we have the juniors. These are our first pigs going to freezer camp. We will hold a few of the gilts from this group back as future sows. 

Lastly we have the peewees who aren’t so peewee any more. 

In the picture below you can see the juniors in the foreground and peewees in the background. They were only born 7 weeks apart. This picture is a testament to how quickly they gain weight as they get bigger. Juniors are 220 lbs.+ and Peewees are in the 150 lbs. range.

Last weekend our little family went to help as the mama of this newest litter, Margaret, was moved into the barn, away from the other pigs in preparation for her delivery. While daddy and poppa moved pigs around, the little boys had fun driving cars and playing on the swing set.


Then they went for a walk with daddy and poppa to see how the newly sewn seed was coming up in the fields. Mommy even talked daddy into trying out her sling to carry Keegan. 

Babywearing rocks! If I wasn’t always the photographer, you would have seen photos of me rocking my new carrier that allows me to wear one of the boys on my back, while taking photos today. Thank you Matt for the awesome Mother’s Day/Birthday gift!

Living it up, pigs, being pigs.  (peewees)

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